Ordained Minister, Accredited Medium and Certified Spiritual Healer

I offer varied services. I can officiate weddings,celebrations of life, naming ceremonies etc. I also teach developmental classes and I have a home based spiritual practice where I see clients as a medium and healer and also participate with Native American ceremonies.

I have been spiritual my entire adult life and knew from deep within my being that there was a lot more to life than what we experience here on the earth plane. I was ordained in 2014 with the both the Spiritualist Church of Canada and Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale NY.

At my home office, clients come for many varied reasons. Most seeking to have contact with their loved ones in Spirit. Some come for spiritual advice and counsel. I include hands on healing with each session using various modalities to help balance and clear your mind, body and spirit. After over 30 years in the Corporate culture I feel I have found my purpose in life.

I plan on continuing to learn and develop spiritually and trust that Spirit will lead me to where I need to be for my highest and best for the rest of my time here on the earth plane. I wish the best for you as well. Please feel free to view my services below.



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